Symbiosis Consulting are proud to be hosting Claus this June for his final lectures in the UK.
The venue is Holywell Park Conference Centre at the Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park.
The proposed programme for the two days is outlined below.

Tuesday 12th June: The Science and Art of Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)

This will be an updated introduction aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at those who are less familiar with Claus’s work. Delegates will receive a copy of the ‘Updated Field Guide for Visual Tree Assessment’ book.

  • Theoretical basics of VTA and related engineering standards
  • Material properties and decay action
  • Growth stresses in trees and self-destruction
  • Crown shapes and pruning
  • VTA symptoms for defects
  • Leaning trees and subsiding branches
  • Slender and hollow trees
  • Failure criteria and their limitations
  • Crack types and related risks
  • Trees on slopes, cliffs, dikes and pipes
  • Tools for deeper investigation of decayed trees
  • Why there will never be a criteria for missing or decayed roots
  • The body language of fungi
  • Trees alongside railways
  • A look into the future: the tree engineer?

Wednesday 13th June: Advanced VTA and Tree Engineering

Targeted at more experienced practitioners, during the morning session Claus will introduce his latest book, the condensed translation of his recent 500 page German book on the Body Language of Structures, entitled ‘Pauli Explains the Form in Nature’, a copy of which is included in the delegate package. The afternoon session will be a summary of the best of the last five years of VTA research, including:

  • Failure of trees because they are too vigorous
  • Advantages and risks of ovalization in branches
  • The rule of rays for growth stresses in hollow and solid trees
  • Extreme examples of the body language of trees
  • Types of root decay and related failure
  • Veteran trees- the strategy of assessment and care
  • Whirls in wood and a new understanding of wood failure and self-repair
  • Unavoidable limitations in tree biomechanics

The delegate fee is £195.00 plus V.A.T. (£234.00) for each day, with a discounted rate of £360.00 plus VAT (£432.00) for delegates attending both days

Prof. Dr. Claus Mattheck ~ a brief biography

Born in Dresden, Germany in 1947, Claus gained a PhD in Theoretical Physics in Dresden in 1973, qualified to lecture in Failure Analysis at Karlsruhe University in 1985, and now lectures on biomechanics as a professor. He is head of department of Biomechanics at the Institute for Materials Research II of the Karlsruhe Research Centre, licensed consultant on the mechanics and fracture behaviour of trees, on wood decomposing fungi and on fatigue fractures in engineering components.

During his career Claus has received many prestigious awards, including:

  • Science Award of the Industrial Research Foundation for the computer simulation of biological growth in 1991
  • Literature Award of the Karl Theodor Vogel Foundation for technical journalists in 1992
  • George Winter Award of the European Society for Biomaterials in 1993
  • Science Award of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences in 1998
    (founded by the Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation)
  • Chadwick Award of the ISA for arboricultural research in 1998
  • Henry Ford European Conservation Award (environment technology)
  • Inge & Werner Grüter Award for science journalism in 1999
  • English Arboricultural Association Annual Award 2002
  • German Environmental Award 2003
  • Honorary advisor of the Urban Tree Diagnosis Association, Japan 2008
  • KIT Distinguished Senior Fellow since 2013