Knowledge of the species composition, age class distribution and overall condition of a tree population is essential for its organised and cost-effective management and continuity. Timely intervention in young and establishing trees can avoid the development of structural weaknesses that may compromise the viability of the tree or require more extensive and costly treatment later in its life. The assessment of trees in listed parklands and historic landscapes, to assist with understanding their historic and cultural context is another facet of the assistance provided. Symbiosis offer a bespoke and pragmatic service to private landowners, LPAs, schools, charities, universities and other institutions, which includes:

  • Detailed inspections of discreet tree groupings
  • Inventories of larger populations
  • Specification and supervision of management works
  • Liaison with local planning authorities where trees are protected by preservation order or growing within a conservation area
  • Assessment of the vulnerability of historic tree populations as a result of age, climate change, impact of previous management, neglect or new diseases
  • A review of trees and their role within the broader landscape to inform and support their future management in the context of their cultural and historic value

‘People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world which cannot sustain people’~ Bryce Nelson